What is the event?

“Mary Magdalene – inspiring role model for modern women today“

Challenges of modern times today

We live in a world filled with challenges and changes, new paths need to be taken, leadership needs to develop to new levels, i.e. including not only the scientific „proven“ ways, but as well and equal the spiritual pathway to find solutions that are good for everyone, including our planet.

Maria Magdalena is a pionier of love, foregiveness, healing, passion, who is healed and helps to heal others, provides for Jesus, is amongst the best friends of Jesus. She announces the resurrection. She stands up for her friends, she is a true pioneer and leader.

Especially with the health and economic challenges in this modern times (Covid) we need more pioniers like her to solve the challenges with love and passion for solutions, with faith to find solutions that are in harmony with the desired result , the people and the planet. We are at a time when we need to understand the spiritual guidance and when it takes place (like being in a boat without steering and trusting god, that the path that we are on is good and has a blessed ending) and how to have enough courage to act upon it.

Purpose of the women‘s conference

To connect women from all over the world, all ages, all nations and faiths to follow the path of a role model like Mary Magdalene, who can inspire us with her courage, her passion, her life- story and be an example of how we can handle challenges, overcome barriers and follow the heart of love, the truth of god. To open up for miracles in everyones life, because we do need miracles to solve the worldwide issues that are existing today. Who can be a better role model than Mary Magdalene, who witnessed the resurrection, and with this is in a pool position for miracles and change.

To join in the field of inspiration and love of Mary Magdalene, with the international speakers and musicians. To feel the connection amongst all the women and how to be in this community on that day can help you on your journey of faith and strength to live the feminine genius that is within you and to follow your heart more and more.
We are here on this planet to support each other and this is a day to celebrate femininity and to grow. It’s wonderful to feel the spirit of community. We will dedicate an important part of the conference to healing.

Basilica of St Mary Magdalene

As the third tomb of Christendom (1.st. Holy Sepulcher, tomb of Jesus in Jerusalem, 2nd. St. Peter in Rome) , the basilica of Saint-Maximin houses the relics of Saint Mary Magdalene and is the only large gothic church in the Provence. Other than Mary Magdalene’s relicts we find relicts of her sister Martha and her brother Lazarus, as well as Saint Sidony and other treasures of blessings and graces in this wonderful holy place. Discover for yourself as you join the conference.
You will be amazed by the expressive art and individual chapel areas in the interior of this holy place which create a feeling of privacy and intimacy to pray, to meditate or just to sit relax and be present in the love of god. You feel you are in a very sacred sanctuary.
The crypt which contains the remains of Mary Magdalene (her skull) is drawing visitors from all parts of the world.

Who is Mary Magdalene?

Saint Mary Magdalene, also called Mary of Magdala, is one of Jesus’ most celebrated disciples. Famous according to Mark 16:9–10 and John 20:14–17, for being the first person to see the resurrected Christ.
She is a pioneer in many ways and we can connect to the stories in the bible as well as what we feel from the heart in connection to this wonderful Saint.
Mary Magdalena, Martha and Lazarus were the best friends of Jesus. They provided for him and his disciples and they supported each other through good times and rough times. That’s what best friends are for. To give support to each other, to stand up for each other and to help when and where help is needed. Theses basics of true friendship and love amongst friends is a wonderful example of how we could and should live together. In the spirit of gods love. Mary Magdalene loved so much and showed her love through many ways, anointing and listening to Jesus, supporting him and his friends the disciples, being a messenger of good news with bringing the news of the resurrection, being fearless at the cross and starting a new life as a refugee in Europe. What an amazing women, a pioneer to look up to where helping and healing goes hand in hand.