6 place Jean Salusse
83470 St-Maximin-la-Ste-Baume

How to come to St Maximin?

By airplane to Marseille Aiport
By train to Marseille/ Aix aux Provence
then by taxi or bus

Lodging and traveling information through
St. Maximin Tourist office:

What else is there to know?
We will share more information – the closer we get to the conference date.


News from March 2021 – for the latest updated news – check the current regulations in your country.

Travellers from the European space must present a negative PCR test less than 72h old to come to France.

Find more information about travel to France on theĀ website of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs.

Let’s pray for our conference and to be together personally

We pray that by the time of our conference in May – we shall be able to see each other personally.
Please note – we plan the conference for personal attendance as for online attendance. One way or other we will be together on this wonderful occasion.

Let’s pray for our conference to be filled with god’s love and miracles