Jesus hold my hand – he is offering his hand too you – take it, accept help. We are here to help each other and to spread the message of his love.

Mother Mary bless us with all your love and rays of blessings, thank you.

May you bless us with your words,, prayers, blessings, your learning and appreciation of the women’s conference. May your blessings multiply for all. Amen.

5 entries.
Jana Jana wrote on June 6, 2021 at 1:09 pm
Dear Marion, Ilenia, Celine and team! Thank you so much for organizing this conference, for your love, devotion and effort. It was a great pleasure to be connected with all these women and men all over the world. And the presentations were very touching and moving. Thank you so much to all of you also for the wonderful pictures!!
Admin Reply by: womenconference
Dear Jana, thank you very much for your reply from your wonderful heart, your deep appreciation and love. blessings to you from all of us
Mandy Schröder-Gilke Mandy Schröder-Gilke from Weimar wrote on June 3, 2021 at 9:41 am
Tief berührt möchte ich danken für die beseelte Organisation und Gestaltung der ersten Frauenkonferenz. Die Verbindung im Gebet, mit Musik und tiefen Worten haben mir den Glauben gestärkt, Hoffnung geschenkt und Liebe genährt, dass wir in einer Welt voller Menschlichkeit und Liebe gemeinsam neue Wege gehen können, die in Zukunft der Erde dienlich sind. Herzlichen Dank für diese Möglichkeit der Berührung! Mandy Schröder-Gilke
Admin Reply by: womenconference
Liebe Mandy, von Herzen Danke für deine wertschätzende, liebevolle Rückmeldung. Wir freuen uns, dass dein Glaube gestärkt, deine Liebe genährt und Hoffnung geschenkt wurde. Wir wünschen dir von Herzen weitere wundervolle Erfahrungen, viel Liebe und Segen von uns allen
Petra Andres Petra Andres from Mainz-Bingen Germany wrote on June 1, 2021 at 10:39 am
Dear Marion, Celine, Ilania and team, Thank you for posting the fotos from Maria and Jesus heart opening! Congratulations and Thank you very much for the wonderful event of the first womens conference. I`m so grateful that I had the opportunity to be part of it. Although we were not physically together and "only" online with Zoom I could feel the deep connection of love, peace and heartfulness. To be in touch with this holy places at the same time supported by wonderful sounds of music as well as your individual parts with so much inspiration and motivation was and is still a blessing for my heart and my soul. Thank you so much Celine for connecting us with the Holy land, showing the wonderful pictures and impressions of Sea Genezareth and Magdala etc. So much love - so much healing was possible, especially for the inner child with the deep touching prayers of Ilania. Thank you so much, Ilania. Special business coaching was presented by Marion and it gave so much inspiration blessed with the energy of Jesus and MaryMagdalene. Thank you so much, Marion! Thank you also for your marvellous kind of laughing during you guided us through 5 hours of a wonderful conference in connection with so much lovely people and locations all over the world. I`m looking forward to meet you very soon:-)) God bless you and all members of your great team. With deep gratitude, Petra
Admin Reply by: womenconference
Dear Petra, thank you very much for your deep appreciation of the first conference. It is with joy and love that we share our gifts. It is with joy and love that we pray for miracles to happen, for healing to occur on many levels. It is with love and compassion that we like to connect in prayers and conversations to god, to Jesus, to Mary Magdalene and the divine feminine. It is with love for each other, that we establish the prayer circle around the globe every 22nd of the month...... may we all feel that we are one. We are all gods children, no matter where we are. We are all loved and we all are able to share this love with each other with great joy. Blessings to you and all the women and men who are experiencing to be connected to the same electricity supplier 🙂 "powered by god". Blessings to you from all of us with love
Martina Simon Martina Simon from Potsdam- Germany wrote on May 27, 2021 at 6:36 pm
Thanks so much for this unique women conference. has touched me deeply to feel our pathway of love and bliss and to feel the network of love and deep relatedness all around the world so much filled with feminine, loving, sweet inspiring and encouring power ! There was so much bliss and grace coming in! Thanks for holding and opening the space for this gathering!!! with love and peace from germany!!!
Admin Reply by: womenconference
Thank you so much for your comment and appreciation of what we shared with each other during the conference. we look forward to keeping this spirit up and to strengthen it together with all the wonderful souls who participated and who are going to participate in the future. We are looking forward to starting the monthly prayer circles to connect from heart to heart. Blessings to you from all of us
Jasmine Hämmerle Jasmine Hämmerle from 6890 Lustenau wrote on May 25, 2021 at 8:59 am
Liebe Marion, liebe Celine, liebe Ilenia, es war unglaublich berührend was ihr mit dem Frauenkongress auf die Füße gestellt hat. Herzensdank dafür. Die Musik von Philippe schwingt durch den Körper, als ob der Körper selbst ein Musikinstrument wäre. Ebenso versetzt die Orgelmusik von Anne-Catherine den Körper in Schwingung...wunderbar. Es ist mit Worten nicht zu beschreiben, wie tief diese wunderbare Begegnungen waren. Voller Freude blicke ich dem nächsten Frauenkongress entgegen. Alles Liebe Jasmine
Admin Reply by: womenconference
Liebe Jasmine, vielen herzlichen Dank für deine wundervolle wertschätzende Rückmeldung zu unserer ersten Frauenkonferenz. Wir freuen uns sehr. Wir freuen uns sehr auf die nächste Konferenz und das persönliche erleben und erfahren von Gott, im Miteinander im segnenden Feld der Liebe. herzlichste Grüße und Segen vom ganzen Team der Frauenkonferenz