Save the date: Friday 03. 06.2022

2nd. International Women’s Conference
“Mary Magdalene – Love and Miracles”

Women’s Conference – admission: 50 Euro/day including music

Welcome and join us – we start on the 25th May with a 9 days of prayers ahead of the conference and a candle is there at the tomb of Mary Magdalene for you to join into the prayers – with your love, with your heart, with your intentions and hand them over to Mary Magdalene’s love. The field of love is transforming our hearts and souls.
Be open to receive the graces from this beautiful love – with god’s love to you.

Welcome to our first women’s conference honoring the women and the feminine genius.
Men are equally welcome to join us. We are all connected in god’s love.

Conference hours morning: 10.00 – 12.00 CET

Lunch: 12.00 – 14.00 CET

Conference hours afternoon – healing ministries 14.00 to 16.30 CET

Evening concert at the Basilica starting 20.00  CET

Where: in 2022 – hosted by
Basilika of  Mary Magdalene , St. Maximin, St.Baume,France

Inspiring Speakers,Testimonials, Musicians, Singing& Prayers for healing

Celine Kelly, from Magdala in the Holy Land, invites us on the journey of
“Mary Magdalene – Women of Galilee”, a journey of healing and miracles.
She will be with us right from the Holy Land from Magdala, the home of Mary Magdalene

Ilenia Manca, from Italy invites us on a journey of healing, inspired through the Holy Spirit,
through a healing service “Healing – by Love”

Marion Hellwig, from Germany,
invites us on a journey of “Women in Leadership“. What we can learn as modern women from Mary Magdalene.
How can this bring healing to workplaces?

Pakoune , from France sings for us and takes on a journey of healing through using your voice.
As a teacher she takes us on the powerful journey of using your own voice well. This can support and transform your life.

Anne – Catherine Chabas plays the wonderful organ in the basilica.

Preperation for participants, guests, women as well as men, all are welcome

  1. set your intention for the day
  2. have a candle ready so that you can light it when we start
  3. bring a journal for notes and to write down whats happening within you and in your heart along your journey
  4. ensure you drink enough water during the day
  5. prayer beads (optional)
  6. bible (optional)
  7. the blessing song – to prepare for the conference and for the conference for blessings of generations and the future

to the lyrics of the song